• pvc

    I wanna see Honey Badger crash the Paula Deen show.

  • Julia S.

    That would be an unqualified NO.

    Now I know where my dog gets his attitude. It was kind of like watching a smaller version of my pup and HIS daily rounds.

  • Honey Badger don’t care!

  • C.N. Honey Badger

    now look, here’s a housefull of bees

  • Karine

    Honey Badger just takes what it wants!

  • dang

    Oh, Honey Badger gives a shit… wherever the hell he wants!

  • Ninabi

    He’s a sleepy fuck, he doesn’t give a shit.

  • J.

    Honey Badger does NOT give a shit.

  • Ryno68

    Honey Badger is just Cra-zy!

  • Mangawitch

    Honey badger doesn’t give a shit…..in fact, he takes your shit and runs with it – between his teeth – with a scowl on his face – and a light in his eyes that says….’don’t give a shit mate I’m off to throw this at Chuck Norris – brb.’

  • Justin

    ooooo is he eating a snake? That’s nasty! But honey badger don’t give a shit

  • Julia S.

    LMOA!!! OMG – I am so hitting this office like the honey badger… gawd temping Suuuuuuuckkkkssss – but not for HONEY BADGER YO!

  • Mike K

    Here’s some jackals. Just look at those little dogs.

  • d


  • NewportHustler

    Fuck no, Honey Badger will run your ass straight the fuck over in MW2. When that shit’s Oscar Mike you need to GTFO.

  • Reverend Bob

    Honey Badger is the Chuck Norris of the animal kingdom!