• Remember it. They absolutely tore up the rock, and sounded great.

    Almost makes me wish to see Ashlee Simpson’s hoedown performance for comparison.

  • Ah man, my final year of high school. Good times. Thanks for this one.


    (ed. deleted. YouTube loves those kinds of comments. Perhaps you’d be more happy there.)

  • Joseph N. Welch

    They rocked everything but the muscle shirt that one dude was wearing.

  • Natalie

    I’m so glad this exists on youtube. My VHS tape I made the night it aired wasn’t going to hang on much longer. I watched this performance a hundred times that weekend.

  • Rob-Ert

    That was great. I have liked their music since a young co-worker introduced me to Vitalogy in the mid ninties but had never watched them play. I better check out the other one about the lonely woman behind a counter.

  • I was a;ways frustrated that this band was lumped into the “grunge” category just because they were from Seattle, when they were SO much more than that!….

  • Matt

    Stone’s odd little twitch at :17 always intrigued me. For years after, when I would play that song with bands in HS, I’d have an urge to make a weird face and jerk up on the guitar neck at that point in the riff….. anyway, wtf….

  • Brian

    I miss those days… send me back!