1. Looks like everyone is going over to Rounhouse’s house; for lobster scrambled eggs and fried cheesecake!

      Thanks for cookin and sharin, Rounhouse!

      1. I think it is funny the way people think about food, as if lobster is super expensive, or cheesecake is some complicated super dessert. Lobster is expensive if you go out to eat, but supermarkets have it on sale quite often. Don’t let them steam it! Wait till you get home to cook it! Just salt the water liberally, bring to a boil, then drop em in. Ten minutes is all you need.Then you can eat it as is or add it to whatever. And cheesecake is probably the easiest cake you can make. You can have a gourmet dinner (or second breakfast or elevenses) any day of the week!

  1. I agree about cheesecakes. I bake them as my go-to “Impress the Guests” dessert. Everyone oohs and ahs over them, but they are super-easy to make. That’s what I love about them. And, you can dress them up by adding in chocolate chips, or make them interesting flavors, like swirling in caramel, rasberries or mango.

  2. She makes me ill with that bullshit cornpone crap y’all. Her cooking is not awful in the way Sandra Lee or that stale twinkee R Ray is, but I can’t stand watching her & a lot of what she does is fat crap designed to her image not to good eating.

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