• I do the EXACT same thing every time I have a decent order of tacos from my local joint. And no, it’s not a chain. 🙂

    • smittypap

      My dog does that after she poops.

    • Rounhouse

      I do this to celebrate good imported beer. Or rather, after several imported beers.

  • jen

    I don’t have sound at work; please tell me the Benny Hill theme accompanied this video?

  • pvc

    Such types were tolerable when they were just riding mules.

    Hey Cletus, got a chaw ‘o Red Man on ya?

  • incredulous

    For those who don’t speak Redneck, this vid translates to a “The F!CK he did!” response to that whole Osama Won thing.

  • Rampage_Rick

    Just watch, this will either end up as a new Fox network promo, or a half-hour primetime show on Fox.

  • fail.
    he didn’t even jump the quad over a flaming effigy.
    try again when you know how to be a real murican.

  • Mike K

    During the Bush years that was exactly what the rest of the world thought every American is like, every day of the year.

    • Reverend Bob

      We’re not?

    • CRABS

      Well, following the bamboozling celebrations of OBL’s death that’s still what we think.

  • outeast

    Is that a ride-on lawnmower? Very macho!

  • Okram

    At 0:29 it’s almost as if the American flag is trying to tell him to please stop doing this.

  • Crystal

    No expense was spared in the making of this video. The ground had grass.