Teacher who vowed not to shave until bin Laden was caught or killed finally shaves

From The Daily Astorian:

EAST WENATCHEE, Wash. – A teacher who vowed nearly 10 years ago not to cut his beard until Osama bin Laden was captured or proven dead said he cried Sunday night upon hearing of the terrorist’s death.

“I spent my first five minutes crying and then I couldn’t get it off fast enough,” said Gary Weddle, 50, who lives in East Wenatchee but teaches middle school science in Ephrata.

Weddle has wanted to cut his beard for years. His wife, Donita, has wanted him to cut it, too. But for Weddle a vow is a vow and so he hadn’t even trimmed it until Sunday night.


  1. I love small-town newspapers:

    The story of Weddle’s beard, broke by this reporter in 2002, received national and international coverage

    Since when is someone growing a beard breaking news? Dan Wheat’s been waiting 10 long years for this moment

    1. I live in Florida and I remember reading about that. It wasn’t headline news or anything, but it did get national coverage.I had forgotten all about it until he shaved it off.

  2. What did he originally intend to achieve by not shaving except to look more like Osama Bin Laden in the interim.

  3. The Daily Astorian? Never expected to see them linked/mentioned on Cynical-C, that’s my wife’s hometown and where I met her.
    I regret never starting my group in 2001 ‘Beards against Bush’ – I was going to not shave my beard until Bush was out of office so that would have been a long 8 years.

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