1. From the look on Hilary’s face, it appears to be some shocking news. But not very top secret news if a White House photographer was allowed in the room.

    1. Check out The President’s Photographer on Netflix. He’s allowed in a lot of places with the president in the interest of recording moments that could be historically important. It’s his job to capture the moment as truthfully as possible and dozens of eyes look over the pictures before they’re release. Interestingly enough, every single picture taken officially becomes part of the national archives, not allowed to be deleted.

  2. I’m sure the photographers know they will be strung up if they release the images before they get the go ahead

  3. Wow, Obama can look pretty serious-mean-scary when he wants to. Meanwhile, gotta wonder what that zoomie with the quilt on his chest is tweeting to his pals.

  4. Nice. What a dramatic looking staged photo-op. This room full of war criminals have surely seen and ordered far worse. Perhaps their serious and concerned faces are expressing how they feel about losing thier favorite CIA assett. Whether he was already dead long ago or killed yesterday doesn’t matter. It’s time for a new patsy boogeyman.

  5. I don’t think there was a conspiracy, but I find this to be hilarious:

    “I shot Bigfoot yesterday. I ate him and dumped the remains in the lake before I could prove it. Just take my word for it. Seriously.” Doug Stanhope

    1. He needs the big chair to prop up his chunky butt. Someone hasn’t been doing his 2 hour PT the AF wants of it’s normal folks.

  6. Reminds me of the scene from Patriot Games where Jack Ryan gets taken into the room to watch the satellite feed of the special ops team taking out the terroist training camp.

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