Free Republic Reacts to Osama’s Death

They’re decidedly unimpressed:

We got him in spite of Obama, he’s more interested in getting our military Homosexualized than he is about any war on terror. What a Joke. Bush deserves all the credit.

If he had any amount of class, he would have invited Bush to help make the announcement. Reagan did the same with Carter and the hostage situation. It made Reagan bigger than life to do something so noble. This President would have benefitted by and unselfish gesture but I don’t believe he is capable.

First they said he was killed LAST WEEK and did the DNA test….now he was killed just hours before Obama went on TV.

How did they do DNA in a few hours?? WHY did they leae all the other people at the house and did they REALLY take his body on the helicopter when they had a helicopter FULL of the OTHER helicopters SEALS???

Buried at SEA??? Where’s the PTHER bodies that were killed????Something is a little fishy.

Arab Street has a factory of conspiracies

The more the story changes the worst for Obama.

I wonder if I’m the only one who is rather nonplussed about this Osama Death thing. I’m not sure how it changes anything. The dollar is still dying. I still cannot play Poker online. Obamacare is still law. And there are still millions of Muslim who would set off a nuclear weapon in NYC if they could.

It shows Obama is really just an empty suit.

He claims a leadership role, “he ordered this”, yet goes golfing. Needs to leave a little early from the golf course.

Obama’s use of I and Me during the news conference was sickening. Had Obama’s promises of ending water boarding and other “enhanced” interrogation, closing Gitmo, giving and terrorists civilian trials this would NOT have happened.

Obama had to be conflicted over this:

– Kill a brother at the risk of upsetting other brethren?; or,

– Kill a brother and reap the political benefits at home?

Solution: A round of golf to help clear the mind.


  1. The bullshit has started early here. My manager feels that it is suspiciously close to Obama’s birth certificate crap. Why does she believe this? Because Don Imus said so. That’s right, that bastian of truth in a complicated world, Don Imus. So,President Barack Obama knew where Bin Laden was, but waited until this moment to strike, because this was the only way to overcome Donald Trump and his inflammatory accusations. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!! These fucking people are stupid. There is just no other way to put it. The difference between left leaning people and right leaning people is not just a matter of opinion. They are not just two sides of a coin, each one as valuable as the other. YOUR OPINIONS ON POLITICS AND THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD ARE COMPLETELY INSANE AND BACKWARDS. I can’t believe these fucking people don’t drown in the shower. How can you walk through life thinking (or not thinking) the way these people do?

    1. I thought ‘hm, very convenient after the recent gitmo leaks.’ Then I thought, ‘hm, would be pretty mega-fuckin-convenient whenever eh’ and ‘there’s always some shit happening that could use a distraction.’

  2. Please put a clear warning when linking to Free Republic or similar NSFW sites… I *almost* clicked on it, thinking that the link pointed to another site which safely extracted the relevant “information” from that site….


  3. The comment about Reagan sharing credit with Carter for the hostages being released:
    DING DING! Here comes the clue train; last stop is YOU!

    If whomever wrote that had a calendar and an inkling of history he/she would know that the hostages were being released at the same time that Reagan was being sworn in. He wasn’t even President when that was being worked out.

    And why does everyone bitch every time Obama goes golfing on a Sunday morning? It’s his frakin’ day off!

  4. Amidst all teh krazee, there is one (1) competent snarker trying to get out.

    “Solution: A round of golf to help clear the mind.”

    Heh. Worked for Ike.

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