1. No: it’ll be ‘We need to ask why the body was buried at sea almost before we heard the news. I mean, I really hope Bin Laden is dead – but how can we be sure?’

        (Actually the Czech media have already been reporting that maybe Bin Laden wasn’t killed after all, that his identity wasn’t confirmed, etc etc.)

  1. Eh, even if we served up OBL’s corpse for viewing at every Teabagger convention in the US, let them poke the cadaver with sticks and cut off chunks of him for souvenirs, they’d still say “That’s not the real OBL. That’s just a lookalike.”

  2. Well, now that you asked: Single payer, prosecute Bush, end the wars, stop funneling money to the top 2%, close Gitmo, stop torturing. And I’m not too crazy about them fucking drones.

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