• passerby


  • DJRJ00

    You’d think more of my generation would be with it after “Across the Universe” came out.

    • Fantomex

      Why the frack should they have to? I’m a black Canadian male of 43 and I’ve loved the Beatles since I was 12, but I don’t want to force young kids to have to listen to the Beatles if they don’t want to, or even like them.

  • Rampage_Rick

    Where can I buy me one of those Bert toques?

    • Angry Sam

      I hit “like” due to the self-identifying Canadian word usage.

  • Imhotep

    Mother Teresa FTW!

  • Mike K

    Pretty sad. Although I couldn’t tell you much about bands that broke up 20 years before I was born, this is the Freakin’ BEATLES, not Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps.

    • Axton

      Finally someone giving Gene Vincent some credit.

  • Jack

    So for the next video someone is gonna ask old white people who Wale is, right?

    • LL

      Who’s Wale? I guess it’s off to Google for me.

    • Angry Sam

      Had to Google it. I’m 28 and I lived in D.C. when his “hit” single came out.

  • Bingo, Bango, Bongo and Irving! Oh wait, those were the Mosquitos on Gilligan’s Island! (I’ve had that useless information in my head for decades. I share it with all of you for free!)

  • Angry Sam

    So by “hate,” the lady with the pink hair means “know nothing about.”

    • So it’s important to know all about every band you dislike? If she doesn’t like the way it sounds, then I think that’s enough. I don’t understand why people got so upset when young people aren’t knowledgable about the pop culture of the older folks’ youth. When you guys were all in high school, how much did you know about music from 40 or 50 years earlier?

    • Fantomex

      No, I’m guessing that she has the right to hate what she wants to and like what she wants to, and she hates the Beatles. It’s as simple as that.

  • Axton

    I’m going to have to listen to The Beatles all day today to recover from this.

  • Kodie

    Well, I don’t know who Cake is.

  • peach

    crying over the clueless youth of today :. . (

  • Mike K

    About 20 years ago I mentioned Alice Cooper and a teenage girl asked, “Alice Cooper? Who’s she?”

  • Rembo

    What exactly is the point of singling out people of color for not knowing who the Beatles are? Sure, it might seem humorous at first glance, but it’s actually discomforting that someone would go through so much effort to document this on film, edit a video and post it online. And I imagine the only people to defend such a thing would be people in positions of power, very much unlike the majority of those shown in the video.

    • klaatu

      Got to agree…this is stupid…I’m 50…if somebody threw a microphone in my face, I couldn’t tell you who the biggest hip hop/rap stars are nowadays…are RunDMC still big?!