1. Paybacks are a bitch. A different approach than the “turn the other cheek” stance he used to take.

    Funny that he’d mention his birth video after the Onion’s “Afterbirther” bit last week.

  2. Jezus, that was actually funny (apart from the PhotoShit gag at the end there) and ow! motherfucker those blows hit hard… and on target.

    I mean, fuck obama on his track record as president but he still has it when it comes to the blarney.

      1. “Your hairpiece looks like something that was killed crossing the highway. I don’t know whether to comb it or scrape it off with a shovel and bury it in lime.”

  3. Just heard that Bin Laden is dead. Obama FTW! He accomplished in 2 1/2 years what Bush couldn’t do in over 7 years. That oughta shove a cork in the birthers’ cakehole.

    Now we’ll see if he recalls all the troops…

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