• “as an American” she’s upset. She should be. As a non-American I have avoided traveling in the states.

    What boggles my mind is that TSA security could actually be useful and appreciated. Hire doctors and trained medical staff, install MRI and CAT scan machines, put the passengers through a full-body CT scan – have the invasion of privacy be a side effect of a medical check-up that could actually save lives. Think of all the true malignancies that could be detected were the machines (and even pat downs) done by medical professionals trained to detect cancerous growths.

    This is perfect because full-body CT scans are rarely covered by insurance – you could suddenly turn all the fear based spending into practical medical benefits to the citizenry. People would get health care, and the airlines would be safe.

  • Okram

    She’s hot.

  • jim.buck

    Hot? Stupidity ain’t hot? The whole anti-TSA mcguffin is an outrageous right-wing ploy. Read this:

    • Dotty

      So people shouldn’t protest getting fondled by strangers, because someone claims the enemy wants us to protest, and we have to beat the enemy?

      That. Is. Stupid. I can’t even tell if you’re serious.

      • jim.buck

        If you can’t take the security search, stay out of the airport.

    • Piri

      I think most Americans don’t like strangers touching them (or their children) without permission, regardless of political affiliation.

      • jim.buck

        By joining the queue to go through security, you are giving tacit consent to a pat-down search. Personally, I don’t like being blown out of the air.

  • Fink

    I wonder if my gravatar works with hotspot shield. Testing…

    • Fink

      ooh, it does!

  • Reinette

    So TSA…. It’s been 8 years now, how many terrorists have you arrested?

    • Venture Free

      That sounds an awful lot like something a terrorist would ask. Oh wow, what are the odds? It seems you’ve been randomly selected to undergo extra screening on every flight from now on. Anyone else have any questions about our effectiveness?

    • jim.buck

      A more pertinent question is: How many airline passengers are alive only because the TSA do such a fine job of patting people down?

      • Bongo

        no more or less than if the TSA didn’t exist.