• The Lord

    I predict Werner Herzog will be contacting her

    • Okram

      You beat me to it. I was going to make a Timothy Treadwell comment.

  • Those cats eat things bigger, faster, and hairier than this girl all the time.

    She must be ….a witch!

  • TDavis

    Knowing what damage my cute little house cat can do……….
    That woman, aside from the fact she’s cute as all get out, has much larger cojones than me!

  • 1984

    She’s got some nice steaks on her.

  • Those cheetahs have no idea what’s going on…
    I’m hesitant to compliment her on her bravery and knowledge of body language, for the sole reason that she should not be interacting with the cheetahs at all. Considering how they reacted to her, this was probably the first time they’d ever seen her, but if she came back repeatedly, they’d get used to her- and wild animals should never, ever think they are safe around humans.

  • Frank

    I didn’t realize they gathered in such large groups.

  • a

    incredibly disturbing