1. Things that bother me about the whole long form unveiling:

    1) Legitimizes trump and lets him say he forced the president’s hand. “I’m a force to be reckoned with!”

    2) The psychology of conspiracy theorists doesn’t allow them to be satiated by new evidence. Evidence they don’t like will be ignored or manipulated until it supports their point of view.

    3) Obama said we need to move past this and have more serious discussions… which was itself another birth certificate discussion. And which will lead to many more birth certificate discussions. Especially considering the above fact that not a single hardcore birther will be silenced.

    4) He’s already met all the legal requirements to be president. Sometimes you just have to leave the crazies behind.

    I think a stronger position might have been “I’m not going to dignify any of this with a response.” That’s just me.

  2. Feeding the trolls????????????????

    Lets pretend that Trump posted a “leaked” copy of President Obama’s passport application from 1979. Upon said application were disclousures of Obama’s citizenship as an Indonesian.

    Would attacking the validity of those documents as forged be “troll-like” behavior?

    I would think that exposing any document as a forgery is the honorable course of action. So too is the debunking of porported forgery evidence. We should all be seeking truth.

    I believe, the previous lawsuits regarding President Obama’s eligibility to serve were dismissed on the basis of standing rather than the fact that he is a NBC of the USA.

    Hillary Clinton was kept from the Democratic Nomination. If President Obama is in fact ineligible, Hillary was “injured” and would have standing.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Also, the Democratic party should hope Trump leads the Republicans. It would be a disaster! He is not a serious canidate, he is just self promoting (mastermoting?).

    Every time the WH addresses the noise machine (Limbaugh, Trump et al) they are diminshing the office. President Bush handled this aspect far better.

    Peace out.

    1. I can understand wanting to validate the certificate. If the roles were reversed I would want more proof than, “here it is… trust me, it’s real.” At this point I wouldn’t say that the people wanting to make sure it’s real are trolls either. The trolls are the ones that won’t accept it no matter what (they’re already asking why it took so long if it’s real), and are grasping at anything to keep the birther party from ending. Follow the link that this tread is based on (http://www.buzzfeed.com/gavon/top-20-conspiracy-theories-that-have-already-sprun) and you’ll see that it’s just a sarcastic exaggeration of the lengths trolls will go to.

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