1. “I have done a great service to the American people.”

    This is the greatest parody of electoral politics I’ve ever seen. I hope he runs for the Republican nomination, and then runs as an independent when he doesn’t get nominated.

    1. It would be amusing…. But there is no way he is ever going to let any of his financial info get out into the public. He’s full of bluster and he’d have to admit he’s not worth as much as he bullshits.

  2. My problem with this is americans are stupid (I know; I AM one….), and they’ll vote for the first alternative they get without thinking it through…..I fear Trump actually has a chance!

    1. i agree. As I was watching it I was thinking, what would an incredibly ignorant idiot think about this? I think his brash -shout a load of made up stuff over the other person in a loud confident way- style would impress a lot of people

      1. Also I know americans seem particularly stupid (I’m Irish thank spaghetti monster!) but its not very likely that there is some actual difference in intelligence betweeen nations, I put this impression of stupidity down to the unusually large social divide in america and the resultant extremely poor level of education available to most americans.

    2. I wouldn’t say Trump has a chance strictly by default – the election’s still a year and a half away. There’s no telling who will be in the running by then.

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