1. In NZ we couldn’t care less where the prime minister was born as long as he / she is a NZ citizen and more importantly we think he / she is capable of doing a great job!

    But I guess this whole thing is not really about that – its just political levering.

    1. Exactly. In Canada, we actually have a habit of choosing foreign-born Governor Generals as of late. To me, it just says they have a broader, international experience and education, and may even be more suitable for the job. They may even have a greater appreciation for Canada because of it.

  2. – “I broke the story on AtlasShrugs dot com”
    – it needs a “digital forensic examination analysis”
    – we should thank “maintstream” Donald Trump

    Document secrecy? Did all these nuts demand to see the college transcripts of Ronald Reagan?

    “We haven’t seen one example of Obama’s coloring from his childhood, nada! Where are the crayons people! Where! Ask yourself, what child doesn’t color! Did he go outside the lines? What are they hiding?!”

    1. She drew a picture of it with her hands – it would look like a “certificate,” with a border and look official. I have one somewhere around here and for sure about a dozen photocopies of it. However, for whatever reasons I can’t remember if I have it or my mom still has it, I applied for a passport last year, and went to the registry in the county where I was born and was issued a certificate that looks a lot like this one except the fields are filled in handwritten, not typed. It is a copy, and stamped officially and dated of the date of request, of a part of a page in apparently a big book where your info gets entered when you are born as having been born in that city or county. It seems to me it would be weird if they filed the actual “certificate” looking thing with the county – they just need your birth on file. They issue the “certificate” to parents and you’re supposed to keep it in a safe place, but some people lose track of it. I lost track of mine; however, I’m sure it exists somewhere if I turned the place upside-down maybe. The copy of the page where I’m listed in the birth records from the county where I was born was good enough for a passport. It just doesn’t look as fancy. They are looking for the “official” fancy certificate-looking birth certificate. They’re morons.

      1. They are looking for the “official” fancy certificate-looking birth certificate. They’re morons.

        That’s exactly what Donald Trump unveiled when he recently claimed to have released his official birth certificate. It’s a single sheet of card stock with large calligraphic lettering and a gold seal on the bottom right. And it’s issued by the hospital, not the state.

  3. Exactly what I said last week: if he releases his birth certificate it will open the door for demands of every other document involving him.

    Last I checked, having proof of college records is not a requirement to be President. So that Leah Remini clone needs to lay off the speed and shut the Hell up.
    “FOX: if we don’t have news we’ll just make shit up.”

    1. I was born in Maryland, but I guess I can never be president either. Just to be sure, I dug out my own birth certificate, and guess what it says at the top: “Certificate of Live Birth.” This is a legal birth certificate, and a legitimate document – it’s the same one I used when I got my passport.

      You can see it here if you’d like: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v692/scandata/BC.jpg
      (for security reasons, I blacked out my parents’ names and my last name). I apparently didn’t weigh anything at birth either. I don’t know what that’s about.

  4. Mine is a certificate of live birth, and the format’s the same as Obama’s. I think these people are just demanding a form that specifically uses the phrase “BIRTH CERTIFICATE” and will accept nothing less, even if such a form doesn’t exist.

  5. That intro made my heart crawl down into my stomach.

  6. “How would the doctors wife not know her husband delivered the president?”
    Maybe because it was a baby. Probably one of the hundreds he delivered. Do doctors know every name and what every person they came in contact with did with their life?

    I did wonder about the green pattern though.

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