Umbrella Mistaken for Rifle at Mall

I could see people mistaking it for a samurai sword:

BURLINGTON (FOX 25 / – A report of a man with a rifle inside a Nordstrom department store triggered a massive police response and the evacuation of a mall near Boston on Tuesday, but the man turned out to be carrying only an umbrella.

The Burlington Mall was evacuated and closed for more than two hours as a police SWAT team wearing body armor and carrying shields searched for an armed man.

State police wrote on their Twitter account that they had received two calls about a short white man with a gray shirt and a backpack who was carrying what appeared to be a rifle.


  1. What’s up with the pat down and bag search even after they discovered it was only an umbrella?! Does this mean that anyone carrying an umbrella is subject to search?
    Also, whoever filmed this better be glad they weren’t spotted by those cops or they’d be locked up for it.

  2. I have that umbrella. A friend of mine in Japan bought it for me, and Chris is right. It’s supposed to be a sword/umbrella/joke.

    I also don’t understand the bag search. “We’ve established that he’s got an umbrella that resembles a sword. Maybe there’s a pen in his bag that resembles a knife. Or worse yet a sandwich that resembles a gun! Book’im.”

  3. I have one of those, too. I liked the design and it’s really well built. I’ll never use it agian, though. Way too many dirty looks.

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