1. Oooh, maybe it’s a misprint, and you have a collectors item! Doubt it though.
    One time I ordered a two-disc U.K. import of Metallica’s “Ride the Lightning” LP. I got the album, and even though the vinyl records themselves were labeled as Metallica, when I played it I found that one disc was actually a Fleetwood Mac album with a Metallica label mistakenly affixed on it. Like a RETARD I returned it for a good copy. This was back in the late 80s – a misprinted Metallica album like that is probably be worth a small fortune today. I still wonder if it made it back to the factory and was destroyed or if it’s out there somewhere steadily gaining value.

      1. Please note that returns on compact disks, cassette tapes and other recordable media can only be accepted when the external seal has not been broken.

  2. Once I ordered a Tom Robbins novel from a 3rd party seller and received a children’s book about recognizing shapes. At first I was upset, but the section on triangles turned out to be quite captivating

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