• Okram

    Wow, that is nice. I don’t think my remote has the fine-tuning feature.

  • guestspeaker

    And ever since that momentous day, American’s waistlines were never the same…

  • So it wasn’t marketed as The Clicker?

  • Laura

    Ask not what you can do for your full-colour television, ask what your full-colour television can do for you.

    • Mike K

      I was going to make a Kennedy reference too. First thing I noticed.
      “A beautiful, coluh television, enhancing any decahr.”

  • Erich Schrempp

    I’m still trying to figure out what function the tall brass Moroccan tea service performs. And how about that styrofoam star!

    • Ninabi

      I’m still confused by the beginning shots of that star. Why was vacuum cleaner dirt being dumped over it from above?

      Maybe it was the model. She was thinking, Screw housecleaning. I’m going to go stand with my crotch pressed against the TV with the bong beside it.

  • sam io

    Not quite correct. It should be labeled, ” The first remote for a color TV”. We had remotes in the fifties.

  • Rampage_Rick

    Betcha that things put out way more RF energy than a modern cell phone. Probably runs on a pack of C batteries which need changing once a week. Just what you want to rest in your lap while kicking back in the recliner…

  • pvc

    Actually, the early ones were electro-acoustic putting out ultrasound.


    You could also use them to futz around with your dog.

    • Tolk

      I heard a Parrot learned how to turn the TV off by imitating the ultrasounds – created some problems for the service technician responsible for finding the “fault”.

  • I was in high school before we ever had a color TV, but my dad had a remote control: me. “Missy, go change the channel!” He didn’t have to specify what channel to change it to, because we only had two.

  • Mike B

    My grandmother had an early TV remote. The first and only I had seen for some time. If you dropped a few coins in the living room the channel would change.

  • Matt

    Seems like overkill considering that only three station channels were available at the time….

  • Dallas Hinton

    Having lived in those early TV days, i can explain: There was little or no consistency from one channel to the next (we had 5, as I recall, but that’s a big city for you!). As a result, every time you changed the channel, or even if the program changed on the same channel, you’d have to tweak the colour, tint, etc. to make the show watchable!