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David Simon on the Drug War:

David Simon: Oh, I would decriminalize drugs in a heartbeat. I would put all the interdiction money, all the incarceration money, all the enforcement money, all of the pretrial, all the prep, all of that cash, I would hurl it as fast as I could into drug treatment and job training and jobs programs. I would rather turn these neighborhoods inward with jobs programs. Even if it was the urban equivalent of FDR’s CCC—the Civilian Conservation Corps—if it was New Deal–type logic, it would be doing less damage than creating a war syndrome. The drug war is war on the underclass now. That’s all it is. It has no other meaning.

(via Gerry Canavan)


  1. I’m at the point of wanting all drugs legalized, too – and I’ve never taken any kind of narcotic in my life. I smelled marijuana at a few concerts, but that was about it.

    Coincidentally, I’m rewatching The Wire again, and I still marvel at the show. Season 4 is outstanding, and the classroom stuff is pretty much as realistic as it gets.

  2. It just struck me the other day how absurd it is that marijuana is illegal while guns are legal. Can anyone think of a situation in which a gun is not 100,000 times as dangerous as marijuana?

  3. >The drug war is war on the underclass now

    It always was. Gyn was illegal but whiskey was legal in britain in the 1700’s. Marijuana prohibition was created to criminalise a mexican working-class habit. In our society, poor people go arrested with planted evidence of posession while rich addicts go to rehab.

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