TSA Gives 8 Year Old Boy an “Enhanced Patdown”

From KGW.com:

Everything was fine until it was Heather’s son’s turn to go through the security checkpoint at Portland International Airport.

“It didn’t buzz like a normal buzz,” said Heather. “It beeped like a beep you normally don’t hear.”

Just like that little 8-year-old Spencer found himself in the company of a TSA agent. Heather snapped photos to show Spencer going through a full pat-down.

“They went up his leg, into that area, down the next leg, up here (chest), felt all over,” she explained.

Heather thought it crossed the line. Spencer did, too.

“I was confused,” he said. “I did not know what they were going to do to me.”


  1. i think this could be confused as cp. i bet you there’s pedophiles watching these videos getting off. it’s sick, it should not happen.

    1. That’s what’s so frustrating about this. Even with searching children, there will always be more ways to hide a bomb. So the question is asked: What is the solution? On one hand, we can be as invasive as possible and deny fliers their dignity, while keeping the skies as safe as possible (though still not 100% safe). On the other hand, there will always be a way to bring down a plane if the terrorist is determined to do it, so these tactics are an unnecessary aggravation.

      One argument is that these searches haven’t caught a single bomber (or drug smuggler, even), so they are a waste of time and an inconvenience. Others will ask, is it because of the aggressive searches that no terrorists have tried to bring down a plane? If they stopped, would we be seen as an easier target?

      No one can say for sure, but I think a lot of this is a precaution against lawsuits if something were to happen. After 9/11, a lot of families were filing lawsuits against the airlines and the government, saying they weren’t properly protected (and the government paid out a ton of money to them). Now they can say, “don’t blame us, we’ve done everything possible to protect you.”

    2. No need… All they have to do is hide explosives in their ass. Completely undetectable with today’s TSA procedures.

      Then of course, terrorists could try to smuggle an explosive in a child’s ass. What happens then? Scores of 6 and 8-year olds submitted to cavity searches? You think I’m nuts? This is just 2 or 3 steps ahead on the current path of insanity

      I have a faint recollection of the TSA saying only people who opt out of the body scanner would get a pat down.

      And as always, we need to point out that the TSA has not actually caught a terrorist yet

  2. That’s right. That’s why they should have a full cavity search. No telling where they might put a bomb. I think everybody should have a cavity search to make sure they’re not carrying anything up their asses. Hey, if you’ve got nothing to hide…

  3. Why can’t the mom say groin or pelvic region? “into that area”? She’s not talking to her son, she’s an adult talking to adults. Sorry, I know that’s not really the point of the video.

  4. “if they don’t search kids, the terrorists might exploit them” – clearly “exploiting kids” is the job of the TSA.

    Stupidity wins again.

  5. Oooohhhh the scary terrorists are going to get us !!!!

    Americans have turned out to be a bunch of scared, mindless pussies.
    Harden Up and stop molesting your kids.
    Your world standing is falling fast.

  6. Frankly, I don’t think “the terrorists” are that interested in killing people. They want to crush our economy and get lots of publicity doing it. Their target on 9-11 wasn’t just any old office building. It was the World Trade Center. And it was a second attempt on that place.

    Not long ago, they made an attempt to pack bombs into printers with the goal of blowing up cargo planes. Which don’t usually carry that many passengers.

    If they merely wanted to kill lots of people, they’d have sent a few suicide bombers into any given Super Bowl crowd. People are easily led sheep, and politicians know fear sells, and so we have this security theater complete with kiddy groping.

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