1. I like Rush’s version better anyway. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2112_(song)

    On a different note, did this guy listen to ANY of Obama’s campaign speeches? Finding alternative energy was one of his major platforms. I guess Paul hasn’t noticed the solar plants and windfarms that were created because of this administration.

    1. I think what he’s saying is he opposes giving alternative energy subsidies and tax breaks because in doing so you are forcing people into it and thus limiting their choices.

      1. Any therefore the state of the art technology will be developed overseas as the US slides further and further behind. In reality the collective he speaks of is the fossil fuel industry that is doing everything in its power to prevent alternative sources of energy and more efficient uses.

  2. Side note: Anthem served as inspiration for the epic concept album 2112 by Rush. Replace light bulb with guitar, and you have the gist of it.

    This brought me to read the book a while back. It’s a nice work of idealistic fiction, but my favorite dystopian novel remains “This Perfect Day” by Ira Levin. Individual destiny has been handed over to a computer system, and people willingly accept doses of drugs that numb their senses.

    1. I’m glad Peart mentioned “with acknowledgment to Ayn Rand” in the liner notes. If you know the 2112 reference I’m sure you’re also familiar with the song “Anthem” off the “Fly by Night” album.

      1. Yep. I’ve always been a big Rush fan. Not many bands actually write songs about things that matter, and ROCK at the same time.

  3. What next, Rand? A discourse on the policy implications of “See Jane Run”? Because that’s pretty much the intellectual level of Ayn Rand’s literary production.

  4. So we should as a society burn as much fossil fuels as we possibly can so he can have as many incandescent options as possible? Any Rand and Rand Paul are selfish c*nts who want to take advantage of what a society has to offer but make no sacrifice or contributions to said society at all. I was glad to see Obama make a stand again Paul Ryan’s budget but I fear it’s only 2012 campaign grand standing. I mean where has this president been the last couple of years? He’s essentially been a more eloquent bush! I give him credit for the health care bill, but where was he on the recent extension for the bush tax cuts? Only now he’s dead set against them? And what about the “payroll tax” deduction that was passed along with the tax cuts that are starving an already troubled social security program? I fear he will feed progressive all the rhetoric they want to hear to get reelected then go right back to screwing the bottom 90%.

  5. At some point in the life of a selfish person the tiny nagging suspicion that every decision they make is made based on self-interest begins to undermine their narcissism, for these fine people Ayn Rand is like a gift from heaven.

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