1. Another thing that never happens in real life — unless you’re a politician — is repeating something you’ve said for effect. People never do that……… People…never…do that.

      1. I just got an awesome blazer, and my favorite thing to do is button the top button when I want to show that I am getting serious, and unbutton it when I am about to get all open and honest.

        Blazers are so cool.

  2. Also, whenever someone in the movies buys something, they never get change or a receipt back. Seriously, watch for it. It’s like the Wilhelm Scream of commerce.

  3. Or when they have to leave a bar, restaurant or diner in a hurry, they just throw some money on the table and run out without even knowing how much they owe.

  4. I do this. I do not say goodbye on the phone in real life. I get a lot of complaints about it. Especially when I worked a reception job for a while. I always think it’s obvious that the conversation has ended and believe that the other person knows this as well so I just hang up.

    1. I don’t say goodbye a lot of the time either. Drives my girlfriend nuts! I don’t see what the big deal is. I try to say it to her, but I’ll call to order food or something and not say it and she will point it out. I don’t think the chinese food place really cares that much, I spend enough money there.

  5. what about the fact that an elevator is always there…you never see someone wait 5 minutes for an elevator! Damn “movie life” is wonderful!

    1. Same thing with taxicabs. Also, in movie life the party on the other end of the phone call always answers immediately–never a long series of rings while the caller waits and drums his fingers.

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