Hell Pizza Upsets Church with Jesus Hot Cross Bun Ad

From the NZHerald:

A pizza company has upset people over an advertising campaign that compares its limited-edition hot cross buns to Jesus.

Hell Pizza has put billboards around Auckland’s CBD that advertise its hot cross buns with the tagline: “For a limited time. A bit like Jesus.”

Anglican Church media officer Lloyd Ashton said the campaign was disrespectful to many religions and the people who followed them.

“They [the billboards] join a long line of advertising that’s in questionable taste that slings off [at] things that lots of people hold precious.

“It’s disrespectful to what a lot of people hold very dear.”

Mr Ashton said he was tired of advertising agencies using blasphemy and religious controversy to sell products.

(via J-Walk)

  • pvc

    And nobody hyperventilated about the inverted pentagram on the roll? Amazing.

  • a

    Too bad they (the religions that got upset) don’t own Jesus.

    • DJRJ00

      You just gave me the idea of the millenium. I’m going to copyright Jesus!

  • John

    Yeah. Right away I saw the pentagram.

  • magpie

    Boy those christians sure are delicate little creatures, aren’t they?

  • rob-ert

    the washington redskins could change their name to washington jesus freaks
    that would b fun