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Day April 13, 2011

Rand Paul Summarizes Ayn Rand’s ‘Anthem’ For the Senate

Parents of 6-Year-Old Girl Pat Down at Airport Want Procedures Changed

From ABC News:

he family of the 6-year-old girl who received a pat down at airport security in New Orleans said today there needs to be a different screening process for children.

“We struggle to teach our kids to protect themselves, to say ‘no, it’s not ok to touch me in this way in this area,” the girl’s mother, Selena Drexel, said. “Yet here we are saying it’s ok for these people.” If we don’t find other ways we’re making them more vulnerable, she said.

Drexel and her husband, Dr. Todd Drexel, of Bowling Green, Ky., appeared this morning in an exclusive interview with “Good Morning America.”

A video of the couple’s daughter going through the screening went viral on the Internet, getting thousands of views on sites like YouTube. It shows a TSA agent rubbing the young girl’s inner thighs and running her fingers inside the top of the girl’s blue jeans.

The Drexels said they stood powerless, watching as their daughter was patted down.

“I did ask for alternatives, I asked for her to be rescanned,” Selena Drexel said. “They just refused and said they were going to do what they were going to do.”

Selena Drexel said she could only speculate as to why the 6-year-old was selected for the pat down. She said that the TSA supervisor made it clear “non-verbally” that there would be trouble if she caused a fuss.

The girl’s father said that while his daughter was polite and respectful during the screening, she broke down into tears afterwards.

“Initially she was just confused,” Todd Drexel said. “She really didn’t understand what she had done wrong.” He said he and his wife struggled with how to explain to their child what had happened after teaching her previously it was not ok to be touched in certain places. “Now she’s been pat down in a public setting, in an airport.”

1950s Cosmetics Ad

We’ve placed radioactive dirt on this model’s face to illustrate how well our cold cream works!

Movie Phone Calls Never End in “Bye”

Trump: The Least Charitable Billionaire

From The Smoking Gun:

A TSG review of the group’s Internal Revenue Service returns dating back to 1990 reveals that Trump, the foundation’s president, may be the least charitable billionaire in the United States.

How miserly is The Donald?

From 1990 through 2009, Trump has personally donated a total of just $3.7 million to his foundation, which was incorporated in 1987. In fact, the billionaire is not even the largest contributor to his own charitable organization.

Tax returns show that World Wrestling Entertainment has given Trump’s foundation a total of $5 million in return for the developer’s assistance in working a couple of televised angles along with WWE boss Vince McMahon. The WWE gave Trump’s foundation $4 million in 2007 for his help in promoting that year’s WrestleMania festivities, and another $1 million in 2009, when Trump (pictured below with McMahon) pretended to purchase part of the WWE empire.

Trump’s Rise Highlights a Flawed Field

From Nate Silver:

When I think about Mr. Trump, whose share of the Republican primary vote is rising in some polls (in fact, he’s tied for first in one of them), I think about the Fairfax Five and the Factional Five. If Mr. Trump were going to run for president, it might have been more natural for him to do so as a social moderate but fiscal conservative, touting his executive experience and the virtues of free-market capitalism. Instead, he has run far to his right, giving voice to false and misleading claims about Mr. Obama’s birth certificate, and reversing his prior, more moderate positions on gay rights and abortion.

While Mr. Trump, a creature of New York rather than of Washington and one who carries his share of personal baggage, might never have been the first choice of establishment Republicans, he now threatens to become a problem for them. Mr. Trump wasn’t all that popular to begin with — Talking Points Memo’s poll tracker has him with ratings of 32 percent favorable against 44 percent unfavorable among the general public — and those numbers are more likely than not to worsen as he is viewed less as a celebrity and more as a politician with some outside-the-mainstream views.

The opportunity for Mr. Trump may have been created by the demise of the candidate who might be thought of as the founding member of the Factional Five: Sarah Palin, whose numbers have declined among Republican voters as she has received more criticism from the establishment. For the establishment Republicans, it must feel like a game of Whac-A-Mole. Just as Ms. Palin’s numbers decline, candidates like Mr. Trump and Ms. Bachmann — who could be nearly as problematic next November — pop up in her place.

Folk Dances Used to Illustrate Sorting Algorithms

A YouTube channel dedicated to folk dancing and sorting algorithms. The video above is a shell-sort with Hungarian folk dance.

(via Metafilter)

What Donald Trump’s Birther Investigators Will Find in Hawaii

From The Atlantic:

When you go to Hawaii to investigate Obama’s birth, what you’re looking to examine are public records. They’re easy to find. Fly into the Honolulu airport, rent a car, and drive downtown to the state library. You can’t miss it: it’s practically in the shadow of the gold-leaf King Kamehameha statue in front of the Aliiolani Hale, the former palace. Once inside the library, head downstairs where they keep the microfilm. Obama was born (they tell us) on August 4, 1961, but you’ll want the August 13, 1961 edition of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, because that’s when the birth announcement appeared. When you’ve loaded up the film, flip to the back pages, to the section of the paper called “Vital Statistic.” This is the record of births, marriages, and deaths provided by the Hawaii Department of Health’s Bureau of Vital Statistics. When you get to Page B-6, scan down the lefthand column–there it is, toward the bottom:

Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama, 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy., son, Aug. 4

Congratulations! You’ve located the birth announcement. Nothing indicates obvious Kenyan-Communist plotting or the nefarious handiwork of Bill Ayers. And the competing paper, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, also published an announcement. But you’ll want to be diligent and investigate that address. So you’ll head back upstairs and hunt down a copy of the Honolulu City Directory. Actually, because these documents are snapshots in time, you’ll want the city directories from 1960 through 1962, to see if you can establish any pattern of movement.

After you’ve lugged them to a table, you’ll find the address: it turns out to belong to the Dunhams, who are the parents of Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother. If you keep looking, you’ll also discover that Barack Obama Sr. is listed at a separate address, 625 11th Ave. in Kaimuki, close to the University of Hawaii. So you can surmise that Obama’s parents may not have lived together. You can also find a newspaper article in which Barack Obama Sr. talks about how he is going to Harvard. A short while later, Obama’s mother, Ann, returns to using her maiden name, Dunham, and several years after that, the parents divorce. And that’s all you’re going to find.

Obama was born at the Kapiolani Medical Center, where he (or more likely his mother) was issued a “certificate of live birth,” the cat-nippy phrase that gets the birthers howling at the moon. You can visit the Kapiolani Medical Center. But you can’t obtain a copy of Obama’s certificate of live birth because the Federal Health Information Privacy Act of 1999, which protects medical records from public scrutiny, forbids it.

Justin Bieber Runs Over Paparazzi on His Motorcycle

(via Buzzfeed)

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