1. I’ve always been preferential to the compound word douchnozzle, just like doorknob, and asshat.

    “Word-compounding occurs when a person attaches two or more words together to make them one word. The meanings of the words interrelate in such a way that a new meaning comes out which is very different from the meanings of the words in isolation.”

    When one reads “douchenozzle” They rarely think of the actual nozzle used for douching…

  2. Aren’t they sweet? It must be comforting to start one’s morning off with a cup of coffee, two lumps of racism and a side of xenophobia.

      1. If a girl or woman feels bound to undergo female circumcision (aka female genital mutilation) because of her cultural heritage (eg. “Various works of fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) support the removal of the female prepuce” – wikipedia) would you support that ?

      2. I believe Chris said “freedom of expression,” not “sadistic, dehumanizing ritualistic mutilation.”

        Do you know of this happening to many adult women?

        A grown woman can do what she wants to herself. A child should be allowed to grow up un-vivisected and choose if she wants to express her religious fervor that way.

      3. I happens to adults and adolescents too :

        “The age at which FGM/FGC is performed varies. In some areas it is carried out during infancy (as early as a couple of days after birth), in others during childhood, at the time of marriage, during a woman’s first pregnancy or after the birth of her first child.”

        I think that covering up little girls from head to toe is as damaging to them as cutting their flesh. They are being cut off in a very literal sense from the outside world. It is an expression of a hatred of women and a denial of womens’ rights that we in the west, having fought for so long to obtain them, have a duty not to tolerate.

  3. You know the teabaggers and repubs are jumping the shark when they agree with something that France does. How’s that conversation go, “We hate France! Yay! – Wait, they’re taking away an ethnic woman’s personal and religious freedoms? – You complete us France.”

  4. In Daniel Radosh’s book Rapture Ready, no matter where he goes in the fundamentalist Christian subculture – the Christian pro wrestling promotion, the distributors of kitschy “Christian store” bric-a-brac, whatever – the line he hears most often is: “Hey, we’re not crazy like Pat Robertson.”

    I do find it remarkable, though, that he couldn’t seem to find the people who keep sending Robertson money to keep his crazy train rolling.

  5. “The genetic fallacy is committed when an idea is either accepted or rejected because of its source, rather than its merit.”

    You don’t have to be a racist asshole to support a burqa ban, though obviously they do support it for their own reasons.

  6. About that hyphen–only nouns that begin with ex,self,all (or those that end in elect) get hyphenization. All the other rules apply only to adjectives, etc.

    Try the substitution test: would you feel the need to hyphenate “garden-hose”?

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