1. Great schaap quote on wikipedia (from his 2005 book):

    “The person who deeply loves Christ understands that when He receives Christ as Saviour, it is a spiritual intercourse. A person receives the body of Christ. A Christian is the female gender in the spiritual realm, and God is the male gender of the spiritual realm. When a person receives Christ as Saviour, he is receiving Christ as a lover.”

    I had no idea Jesus was fucking so many people. Way to go J!

  2. Shocking that a book written by men would paint women in a bad light. I always find it funny when people claim to “say what God tells them to say”. Best scapegoat ever.
    My mother is a Baptist Minister, can’t wait to send her the video clip.

    1. It is, in a perverse way, interesting to see someone actually stand up for the bad parts of the book they believe in. I do think though that we still have good moral grounds to criticize him personally because he’s got free will and he chose to abandoned compassion.

  3. More proof that there is no god. If there were, and he were a just god, he would strike this idiot dumb at the very least.

  4. And yet he fails to address that Jesus is the product of God and a woman. “Man” had nothing to do with that.

    On a side note, have we started the betting for when he’ll get caught frolicking with a nude boy or tapping his neighbor’s foot from the other stall?

  5. Why is that … uh … individual not wearing an armband?

    Runs a college? At least it’s not a elementary school. I’m getting the vibe that no little boys are safe around him.

  6. Total Misogynist -hiding behind “God” – The bible written by misogynistic men claiming its the word of God as defined by their own selves to try to justify the subjugation of women -God or any spiritual energy or being did not write any books.

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