Donald Trump Sends Vanity Fair A Letter

Nothing is more presidential than marking up a printout of a blog post:

We, too, are recent beneficiaries of Trump’s editorial suggestions. On March 24, Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter received a packet of documents from Trump containing a print-out of a VF Daily blog post from the week prior (shown below), several articles from blogs and newspapers concerning the ratings of Celebrity Apprentice and Trump’s presidential aspirations, and a debossed “DONALD J. TRUMP” note card of surprisingly thin paper stock.

(via Balloon Juice)


  1. At first I thought a Trump run was laughable but its starting to make sense. The propoganda media machine the repubs have built in Fox and on talk radio has legitimized ridiculous personalities and familiarized the rights faithful with the kind of conspiracy, rumor, and fake economics that formerly lived in extremist margins. Trump frankly epitomizes this new republican aesthetic which values wealth and bombast above hard work and substance, ideolizes CEOs, elevates celebrity over intelligence. He dovetails with a new, breathtakingly idiotic, version of right wing identity politics. Its a cringy thought but I think he may go far.

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