Church Group to Pray for Lower Gas Prices

From 13WMAZ:

A Dublin church group plans to gather pump-side Saturday and pray for the gas prices to drop.

It’s an effort started by the Beacon of Light Christian Center in Dublin.

“I believe if we come together and pray as a community we can really make something happen,” says the church’s pastor, Marshall Mabry.

Mabry says he can remember when gas jumped from under $1 to $1.50 and says, now, with prices reaching almost $4, he says he plans to ask God for help.

(via The Consumerist)

  • Justin

    Lots of enjoyable logic in this.

  • j.m.

    This is almost as bad as trying to “pray the gay away’

  • Darling

    I was raised Christian in a very relaxed family. But seriously… frustrates me when Christians think the right thing to do is complain and pray but put no action to it. “God helps those who help themselves” was a quote I hated as a kid but really understand as an adult. You cannot just sit back and complain about it and hope God will make things better! Come up with an action plan as a community, do some research. Then do that whole praying thing…. for extra good measure….. if you must….

  • Dale

    I’m going to pray for a car that runs on prayers. The Jesus Chrysler.

    • WordyGrrl

      Ahahahaha! That’s a winner right there!

    • Rounhouse

      It is not very often that a comment literaly makes me LOL!

  • Old Geezer

    Perhaps when they’ve got this solved, they can take on other less important issues like famine, domestic violence, disease, etc.

  • DreamDevil

    Americans bitch too much about gas prices.