1. I understand what he is saying but I think he misunderstands the people he is talking about. Its not that they love gawd all that much its that they think he loves THEM that much. Look at those religious crackpots, they ignore the lord they claim to love so much but they sure think the lord loves them above all else.

  2. Daily dose of Ingersoll, quite a blast from the past. Will you but bring it back?

    In any event, those who place their highest value on the afterlife tend not to take much notice to the life in the here and now. Why worry about the world if either a) God is controlling everything and is going according to his divine and unknowable plan or b) the true believers will be reborn in a more perfect world why worry about Earth 1.0 (or maybe 2.0 if you consider the pre-flood world of Noah et. al.)

  3. “There is not sufficient love and goodness in the world to permit us to give some of it away to imaginary beings.” – Nietzsche

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