• pvc

    I do hope those guys are shooting blanks. In all senses of the phrase.

  • DR

    Didn’t know they had Tea Partiers in Albania!

  • ALBANIA! F-Yeah! Picnics! F-Yeah! Guns! F-Yeah! Kabobs! F-Yeah! Goats! F-Yeah! ALBANIA! ALBANIA! F-Yeah! 😉

  • LL

    Think of the hearing damage, along with all the falling lead.

  • Kodie

    Compensation? No women at this picnic….

    I can’t think of Albania without singing this classic song.

    • Mike K

      Beat me to it, except I wouldn’t have thought to find a Youtube clip of it.

  • Fink

    Gimme a break, total sausage party.

  • DreamDevil

    Probably the gayest thing I’ve seen today.

  • Mike K

    That is bizarre – that guy in the peach-colored shirt is playing left-handed. WTF?

  • Bullets shot straight up eventually come down. Quite fast.

  • Ark

    It’s Kossovo.

    USA bombed for the right of these guys to drink, sing and shoot.

    Long live Western Democracy.

  • wileybot

    what you think they do before guns, shoot arrows in the air?

  • At first I thought it was a Hunter S. Thompson tribute festival. Then I was waiting for Borat, but soon realized this was just a “Future Cab Drivers of America” rookie orientation.

  • Howard

    Not a chance of anything bad happening here. Nope.