Techs Forgot to Divide by 10, TSA Body Scanners Have to Be Re-Tested

From Reuters:

Turns out the TSA’s new body scanners might not be quite as safe as originally thought. According to Switched, the most recent testing of radiation levels of the airport security devices was found to be 10 times higher than previously tested. How did this happen, you ask? Simple. The testers forgot to divide the total output by 10 to get an average reading. Which does raise the question: who are they hiring to do the testing?

Hundreds of scanners now have to be re-tested. This bumble does make one wonder how they were determined to be safe in the first place? Were mistakes in calculation made before as well? As reported at Wired, despite this latest folly, the TSA maintains that the scanners still meet all safety standards and will remain in operation. The Association for Airline Passenger Rights is lobbying the government to force a shutdown of the devices until testing concludes, which is forecasted to happen in May.