1. Here’s to the people of Mississippi
    Who say the folks up north, they just don’t understand
    And they tremble in the shadows at the thunder of the Klan
    The sweating of their souls can’t wash the blood from off their hands
    They smile and shrug their shoulders at the murder of a man
    Oh, here’s to the land you’ve torn out the heart of
    Mississippi, find yourself another country to be part of

    – Phil Ochs, “Here’s to The State of Mississippi”

    1. Except of course if there’s another person in the state of Mississippi that’s also half-white and half-black. But, it’s Mississippi, so… that one person is probably out of luck.

      Your comment made me think of that Star Trek episode with the people split down the middle, half-black, half-white. That episode was so… subtle.

  2. Yay a place even more benighted than my native Florida (where it would probably be legal – 46% illegal – 40%.) I was wondering if that was possible. Now I know.

  3. This is why we have courts–so people like that can’t take us back a century. Although the Supreme Court we have now is pretty iffy.

  4. So I keep hearing that “The South’s Gonna Riiiize Again!”. I sure hope they hurry up so we can let them secede this time.

  5. I survived high school in Mississippi, and fled as soon as I could. If the people of that state could find a way to make it legal, they’d have anyone darker than a paper bag wearing chains and chopping cotton.

    On a side note, ever notice how Civil War era re-enactors are always military generals, fancy Southern Belles or wealthy planters? Nobody ever shows up as an illiterate, dirt-poor farmer (which 80% of white Mississippians were at that time).

  6. Just a curiosity: what % of Mississippi Democrats would also vote to make interracial marriage illegal? I have zero love for Republicans or Democrats but is that really the issue here? Or is it more of a Mississippi thing?

  7. FWIW… Razib over at Gene Expression did a quick-and-dirty plausibility check using GSS. His post is well worth a read – as are some of the comments.

    For the lazy, the conclusion is yes, it’s plausible, but it should be remembered that this is a pretty narrow population – not just mississippi repubs, but repubs who vote in primaries…

    Razib indirectly addresses your q, by citing GSS figures. Answer seems to be that conservatives are generally more opposed to interracial marriage than liberals (unsurprisingly); that in the East South Central states (incl Mississippi) opposition to interracial marriage is higher across the board than elsewhere; and that in this region it is disproportionately higher among the self-identified conservative. So both a conservative thing and a mississippi thing. 🙂

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