WTF Comment of the Day

Commenter Randall on the this post regarding the imprisoning of American citizens of Japanese descent during World War 2:

When we talk about sacrifices made for freedon, we think of thebrave sacrifices made by military people in battle. These people sacrificed their feedom and fortunes, and most were probably not as happy about it as the film portrays. I don’t feel ashamed for what we did in WW2, and I admit that many of these measures were not necessary. I think the interned Japanese were fine Americans, and that they were called on to sacrifice in a time of war.


  1. You know, the fact that an overwhelmingly idiotic comment on Cynical-C is worth a separate post speaks well of this blog and its commenters.

  2. I’ll gladly surrender all your rights in the interest of the war effort. What’s a few children scarred for life in the big scheme of things, eh ?

    These people did not sacrifice, they were sacrificed (or their rights were at least.) Big difference.

  3. They might have sacrificed with a little more effect had they been allowed to serve in the armed forces (which actually some of them did).

    1. The implication in the comment is that the prisoners were “asked” to “sacrifice”, which implies a lot more willingness on their part to be locked up and deprived of their belongings—all for the greater good. This is utter bullshit. The commenter should be ashamed of what we did to our own citizens.

      No one even thought to do the same thing to German or Italian immigrants. It was racism, pure and simple.

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