1. Makes sense to me. But a lot of things that make sense – like the metric system – meet ridiculous opposition in the US. Maybe in 40 years we can all appreciate the simplicity of tau while we drink our beer in liters and watch oceans rise in meters, as we finally come together in agreement that global warming is real.

    1. It’s pretty surprising how many people I know (here in the U.S.) that think the Metric system is “stupid.” Anyone that’s had to convert one measurement to another (i.e., feet or yards to miles) can appreciate the simplicity of a system based on tens.

  2. We use pi for convenience. Otherwise, we’d be dividing the constant by two before we squared it in an equation to find, say the area of a circle. Dumb argument.

  3. Finally…a cause I can believe in.

    I was getting turned off by the canned fillings, but when she hit me with the new and improved Euler I was sold. This is how it was meant to be.

  4. She is teaching from a different angle. I totally get it. When I was in college and taking chemistry, I had a hard time at first trying to memorize all the equations. Then I found that I had to understand why equations worked. Once I started to learn how they worked, I got beyond just memorizing equations. I understood them and started to point out inconsistencies that my teachers couldn’t explain. They respected me for that ability.

  5. In Quantum Mechanics which uses trigonometrical functions to describe the circular movement of electrons… h( the Plank constant) divided by 2 PI is always replaced by “h dash” for convenience. This may not be necessary if it was just h / tau.

    h / 2 Pi = “h dash”

    But tau may be just to easily confused with the small t as in time a very common variable.

  6. The real problem is she makes the crust from scratch, and then dumps in canned filling. WTF? Either make the whole thing, or just buy the cardboard crust along with the crappy canned filling. None of the Sandra Lee semi-homemade crap.

  7. “If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.” – Dr. Carl Sagan
    “If you want to reinvent geometric/trigonometric notation, first you must tilt at windmills.” – TDavis

  8. I would substitute tau for pi if pi were not so ingrained in my head. Perhaps had Ms. Vi gotten to me about 10 years ago, I’d be on her train; and I certainly would support the use of tau in teaching high school students, now. But, now that I’ve finally memorized a bunch of trig tables, YOU CAN PRY MY PI OUT OF MY COLD, DEAD HANDS.

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