1. I remember when TLC wasn’t back-to-back reality programming. Back in the day they were like Discovery Channel’s little brother. There was actually some educational content. Of course this was back in the ’90s.

    1. I want dwarf hoarders with 19 kids raising pit bulls with addiction problems, trying to lose weight while sleeping around with vaguely orange morons and sharing a house with 16 Playboy bunnys, two washed up rockers and a steroid ravaged WWE phony. THATS entertainment!

      What I am learning from “The Learning Channel” is that I hate the TV viewing public. Remember when they told us that these networks would eliminate the need for PBS?

  2. Am I really missing anything by not having cable? Besides the fascinating activity of scrolling past hundreds of channels and nothing good to watch? I have 14 watchable channels and an internet.

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