‘Sweet Micky’ becomes new president of Haiti

From The Independent:

A musician who has never held political office has won a landslide victory in Haiti’s prolonged presidential election.

Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly took almost 68 per cent of the vote in a run-off against former first lady Mirlande Manigat, according to the preliminary election results.

The announcement on Monday night sparked wild celebrations among Mr Martelly’s supporters, many of whom come from the poorest areas of Haiti and are hoping political change will bring them jobs and security. Supporters cheered in the streets in their thousands with some firing celebratory shots into the air with automatic rifles.

Four months ago Mr Martelly looked to be out of the running after coming third, and thus being eliminated in the first-round poll to decide the run-off candidates. But with widespread suspicions of vote-fixing, his supporters took to the streets and brought the country to a virtual halt.

An investigation by pro-democracy group the Organisation of American States concluded he had been cheated of second place and, after further political wrangling, he was allowed to take his place in the presidential head-to-head with Mrs Manigat on 20 March.

Here’s one of his songs:


  1. I do so love it when people finally get it that they can get things done when they work together. Thanks for the smile, Haiti.

  2. I’ve been looking to the events on Haiti in the late years, and believe this is a very caothic turn. With Lavalas, the only party that really have popular political support, halted from take part in the elections, people chose to vote for a new face, since the other candidates are deeply involved in the current disastrous politics. I hope he have the wisdom to bound to the right people.

  3. Popular faces elected into office, all without exception end up as somebody’s puppet. Even more so and faster than other politicians.
    And the speed at which politicians can be manipulated is often responsible for a change for the worse. i.e. under R.Raegan bank supervision was almost dissolved and “Nutrasweet” a carcinogen sweetener was approved.

    More of the reasons why direct democracies/ direct elections (mob rule) are garbage.

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