1. Those two guys are just a wink away from tearing each other’s clothes off. You can cut the sexual tension with a knife.

  2. The moral of this story? Women are catty, petty, and, unless it’s made by Hamilton Beach, not to be trusted around machinery. I like the cameo of Frank Costanza as the Drill Press Foreman at 7:40

  3. I love the look on the wife’s face when he says the women “don’t realize what it means to stick on a job.” “No,” she thinks, “I’d probably better not stab him. I still have apples to slice, and I don’t want bloody apples.”

    And when the boss says “an unusual sense of accuracy,” his tone sounds almost as if you could substitute the word “inhuman” for “unusual”.

    1. And after he makes that “women don’t stick on a job” comment, she rattles off a week’s worth of chores she’s knocked out in one day.

      This video so needs an updated remake, complete with a few “imma cut a muther” looks thrown at the misogynist supervisor.

  4. “the broad principles involved in the supervision of men apply equally well in the case of women”… good choice of words, sir.

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