• Where’s Joel/Mike and the bots when you need them? 😉

    • Mike K

      My thoughts through the whole thing. They’d do an awesome job with that one.

  • Justin

    Those two guys are just a wink away from tearing each other’s clothes off. You can cut the sexual tension with a knife.

    • TroyFL

      Yeah, the old guy has that creepy “If you know what I’m saying” grin.

  • Mike K

    The moral of this story? Women are catty, petty, and, unless it’s made by Hamilton Beach, not to be trusted around machinery. I like the cameo of Frank Costanza as the Drill Press Foreman at 7:40

  • MacCrocodile

    I love the look on the wife’s face when he says the women “don’t realize what it means to stick on a job.” “No,” she thinks, “I’d probably better not stab him. I still have apples to slice, and I don’t want bloody apples.”

    And when the boss says “an unusual sense of accuracy,” his tone sounds almost as if you could substitute the word “inhuman” for “unusual”.

    • WordyGrrl

      And after he makes that “women don’t stick on a job” comment, she rattles off a week’s worth of chores she’s knocked out in one day.

      This video so needs an updated remake, complete with a few “imma cut a muther” looks thrown at the misogynist supervisor.

  • jen

    “the broad principles involved in the supervision of men apply equally well in the case of women”… good choice of words, sir.

  • Steve

    Heaven forbid the notion that if the woman is working outside the home, somebody else at least help with things at the house.

  • DreamDevil

    I actually chuckled at this.