1. Colbert did a musical Christmas special, so I’m assuming he can actually sing reasonably well… Or close enough to fake it without the auto-tune being too noticeable…

  1. I don’t care for Jimmy Fallon, he’s never done anything I found to be funny. How he’s gotten as far as he has I’ll never understand. Then again that Fred kid from youtube is apparently a semi-legitimate celebrity at this point, maybe I’m just falling behind the times in my old age. Everyone else involved was pretty awesome though, Stephen Colbert never disappoints.

    1. I don’t think people are making fun of her directly, mostly the circumstances around her getting her own music video. If it were just some 13 year old girl singing into her webcam this whole thing would be a lot different, but instead we have a 13 year old who’s parents paid some studio to take her song and overproduce the living hell out of it. I’ll grant you that people are making fun of her lyrics but it’s hard to feel bad about that when she’s raking in a fair sum of cash.

      1. I was stunned when I heard the original on Sirius Hits 1 on Friday (yeah I know!) Was it an April Fools gag?

        Apparently I wasn’t the only person who contemplated turning the vehicle into oncoming traffic. Sirius even listed the album title as “We’re Sorry?” http://twitpic.com/4ftoal

      2. Luckily they’re not her lyrics (or her song of that matter). The studio wrote two songs for her to choose from. She said the other song was about “Adult Love” which she hadn’t experienced yet so she opted for “Friday”. She also said the lyrics sounded strange to her, but she was hesitant to change them.

    2. YMMV but I thought by now “we” were making fun not of the girl but of the company that wrote those horrible lyrics. You can feel sorry for her having such horrible song choices while mocking the company that charged her for the “service”.

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