1. Pretty outrageous that someone can copyright just the notes, which aren’t original anyway. The pi sequence is well over 75 years old, so it should be public domain anyway. There are myriad songs that use the same notes. Think about it: 12 notes in an octave (I’m including sharps/flats). Most songs stay within a span of four octaves. That leaves 48 notes for everyone to share. There are bound to be similarities and even duplicates. Whoever discovered pi should sue THAT guy (if the discoverer hadn’t died a few thousand years ago).

    BTW, the Michael Blake vid she mentions is now available here: http://video.yahoo.com/network/100000089?v=8775172&l=100022574

    1. I think the copyright is claimed on the IDEA of using pi to compose a melody. Any number of creative melodies in many tonalities can be created using pi as the seed. This is a subtle difference from claiming copyright for an actual piece of music. One which I don’t think would hold up in court.

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