• First the guy toting the cross with the shirt, and now the Warhol video… Chris, does Cynical-C have an endorsement deal with Burger King? Will the Daily Dose of Ingersoll be brought to you by – the Whopper?

  • Rampage_Rick

    Dammit, now I’m hungry.

    BRB… gonna make a plain ketchup burger

  • kellyjeanne

    So fidgety.

  • pvc

    Do I really want to waste 4:32 of my fifteen minutes of fame watching Andy eating a burger?

    • You actually watched the whole thing? I lost interest 30 seconds in and skipped to the end so I only wasted about 60 seconds of my life. I guess that’s efficiency?

  • Amy

    He was a legend in his own time. The art in this is watching the extraordinary clash with the mundane.

    • Okram

      I must have missed the extraordinary part.

  • Matt

    A bag, a box, another wrapper in the box…..

  • nnnn-com

    so what?

    bullshit to eat!

  • Ark

    Is this art?

  • Quit arting around and get to work!