Wisconsin Church Members Charged With Abusing Infants

They were following the bible:

The pastor and seven members of a small church in central Wisconsin have been charged with using wooden rods to spank infants as young as 2 months old for “being emotional, grumpy or crying,” the Dane County Sheriff’s office said.

The Aleitheia Bible Church, in the town of Black Earth, was started in 2006 with a donation in the range of $500,000-$600,000 from Bob and Lori Wick of nearby Mazomanie, according to a news release from the sheriff’s office.

“During interviews with detectives, Phil expressed his belief that the Bible dictates the use of a rod over a hand to punish children. He stated that children only a few months old are ‘worthy’ of the rod and that by ‘one and a half months,’ a child is old enough to be spanked,” according to the sheriff’s office release.

“Throughout the investigation, the church members were open with detectives about their ‘Spare the rod, spoil the child’ philosophy. They described using wooden dowels and wooden spoons on the bare skin of children, starting as young as 2 months old,” the sheriff’s office said.

“If you spank early and it is done right, then kids will be happy and obedient,” Philip Caminiti said, according to the criminal complaint.


  1. Oh yes, being hit by a wooden rod would absolutely leave me “happy and obedient.” I don’t know why they were arrested.

    Fuck, what is WRONG with these people??

  2. Ah, but who are we mere mortals to deny the word of the One True Gawd? Not only is “spare the rod and spoil the child” His word He also commands that disobedient sons be stoned to death and provided rules for how and when to sell daughters into slavery. Surely, if we are to truly be a Godly nation, we must allow those called to live by His word to do so . . . right?

    1. Will I need to pay extra for a slave who can prepare flaming hot buffalo wings? I’m trying to cut back on how much I spend on going out for dinner and this seems like a rather elegant solution.

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