Message With a Bottle

I love this:

On May 19th, I quit my job to be a stay-at-home, freelancer-for-hire and user-of-many-hyphens dad.

As a reminder of everything going on with my writing, I leave Post-It Notes around my office so I don’t forget deadlines, meetings and the fact my bank account is nearly empty (it’s a sick motivational tool–the yearning to eat).

I decided to incorporate those same organizational principles while watching my son.

These are notes to remind myself what to do, and sometimes more importantly, what not to do when raising a child.

(via Metafilter)

Sarah Palin Aborts Visit to Bethlehem

From The Telegraph:

Mrs Palin, whose trip to the Holy Land is being seen as an attempt to burnish her foreign policy credentials ahead of a possible presidential bid, had been planning to tour Christian sites before holding evening talks with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister.

Bethlehem was supposed to be her first stop of the day, according to a leaked copy of her schedule.

But, after an uneventful drive from her hotel in nearby Jerusalem, her car stopped just short of the main Israeli military checkpoint outside Bethlehem, a Palestinian city in the West Bank, appeared to hesitate and then performed a u-turn.

It is unclear whether Mrs Palin and her team failed to realise that Bethlehem lay on Palestinian territory rather than in Israel, a mistake often made by foreign tourists, though not so often by visiting politicians.

Party in Rob’s Room

Slightly NSFW:

I went away for India for 6 months last autumn. Whilst I was away one of my best mates was living in my flat looking after it for me. When I got back from the airport last week there was a note on my coffee table to press play on the Playstation and this video came on the TV.. Pretty awesome, though I did feel slightly violated by what happens at about 1m30 and that might be a bit NSFW

Shakesville’s Commenting Policy

My insurance policies are less comprehensive:

Short Rules: Be nice. Be thoughtful. Respect the mods. Hold yourself to the same standards you hold the contributors and other commenters. Have fun.

Long Rules: Comments are open to anyone as long as they don’t troll and/or traffic in racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, ageist, sizeist, or otherwise overtly objectionable commentary based on people’s intrinsic characteristics. Differences of opinion are welcome; no one has ever been nor will ever be banned on a difference of opinion alone. Hate speech, rape apologia, rape jokes and metaphors, violent imagery, threats, trolling, concern trolling, derailing, playing the Oppression Olympics, pointless belligerence, sockpuppeting, silencing tactics, accusations of bad faith, disrespecting the mods, including ignoring them, telling contributors what they should be writing about or how they should be writing about it, and/or invoking the blogmistress’ personal experience to use against her, or doing the same to any of the contributors, mods, or other commenters, could result in any of the following: Your comment edited to remove offending material, your comment replaced with an incredibly sophomoric paraphrase, your comment deleted, and/or your commenting privileges revoked.

Wait, add one more to the list:

[Trigger warning for violence.]

I realize that “I feel stabby” or “That makes me stabbity” and variations thereof are really rather common commenting turns of phrase, even (and maybe especially) on feminist blogs, but they are prohibited in this space, where the commenting policy explicitly prohibits violent imagery.

Oh, and you’re required to read a Feminism primer before commenting.