1. Guitar, and therefore also the bass. I can’t play the drums, but I’ll bang the hell out of my steering wheel if I’m listening to Maiden or Priest.

  2. Guitar (Rhythm, I don’t do scales but can chord like crazy), bass, mandolin, banjo. If I could get the bow work down I could figure out violin since it is the same scale/chords as a mandolin. An upright bass is on my wish list or at least a fretless bass.

  3. I can play anything. Playing well is another story 🙂

    I am still working on piano, clarinet, fretless bass, guitar, mandolin, tabla, ukulele, and a whole battery of various bamboo flutes.

  4. I can play piano (and read music thanks to 9 years of lessons, but mostly I learn music by ear). I’ve tried guitar, but the strings hurt my fingers too much to persevere. I do envy Mrs. C her ability on the violin; I’ve long wished I could play that.

  5. My late husband was a bass player by trade, and he left me two basses and a 6-string, which, alas, no one in the family can play. I play piano some (we have two), and played clarinet in school concert band, and trumpet and baritone in the marching band. I haven’t tried in years, so I don’t know if I can still play those, but I shocked my children by playing a recorder they brought home.

  6. Violin, piano, guitar, saxophone.

    Although I haven’t really played anything in a while. I was tabbed as a “gifted” violinist early in my life – to the point where I was playing solo in front of hundreds of people – but I just never had the dedication or true interest in it to master it. Plus, my old, Italian instructor was a real taskmaster, which turned me (a child of the 80’s hopped up no Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) off.

    When my family moved to the suburbs, I basically lost my desire to play entirely, because there were no string orchestras at the school district. I regret it now, and I’ll probably try to play again – once I have enough money to buy a real violin, and not the old junky one I have.

  7. Ukulele: I took it up to accompany my wife who plays guitar.

    Our son was born blind so music plays a big role in our family. Our Saturday morning jam sessions are awesome. Kitsch, but awesome.

  8. I played the flute in junior high, but the politics of being the boy playing flute drove me out of the band, and I’ve forgotten everything.

    In college, I took a couple piano lessons, but never progressed to any kind of fluency. I have since forgotten everything.

    For the last eight or nine years, I’ve been singing in a men’s chorus. I’m not very good at it, but I can sure blend. The fact that I first learned music on the treble clef but sing bass doesn’t help me much.

  9. I played saxophone for 10 years. Piano for two. Trombone for two. I got bored and bought a guitar, I wish I could afford lessons, but I’ve taught myself quite a bit. I really wish I could play the cello. It’s bad ass!

  10. congas and shakers. i used to take bass lessons, until i met my husband (gifted bass player). i played for him when we first started dating. it was he who suggested i take up percussion – he said i had rhythm issues. turns out he was right – i got pregnant shortly after!! our daughter got the music gift from her dad – she plays ukulele and piano, so far!

    ps – rhythm is a weird word!

  11. Guitar. I have 5 right now. Gibson Les Paul played through an F series Mesa hundred watt is the standard electric, but the ovation gets most of the acoustic duty because of a mishap with the Martin acoustic. I also have a classical knock off. I can play drums, I’m not great at drums. Also, like a previous responder I can play bass by virtue of guitar. Had piano lessons for a few years as a kid, but forgot everything. Never had a guitar lesson, but have been playing for over 20 years.

  12. Piano until seventh grade and clarinet until college. Growing up around the ultra talented makes for enjoyable listening skills.

  13. I played various clarinets in high school, and taught myself bassoon after all our bassoonists graduated. I also took guitar, but had trouble with bar chords.

    I picked the bassoon and Bb clarinet back up after a nearly 10-year hiatus and I wasn’t completely terrible, so that’s comforting.

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