Rand Paul: Atlas Flushed

Sen. Rand Paul at a Consumer Choice in Energy Committee Hearing complains that Democrats give women a choice for having an abortion when he doesn’t have a choice about what kind of toilet he may buy.

Of course, he fails to explain why he thinks he should have the right to buy a toilet that can flush his big steaming pile of Galtian bullshit while taking away a woman’s right to having control of her own reproductive system.


  1. Allowing for a right to control of your own reproductive system is has economic ramifications too. In our world, pharmaceutical companies can write letters to pharmacies promising to sic the FDA on them for providing medicine at reasonable prices.
    I don’t know if this has come across your screen yet today, but I have felt ill since seeing it myself: http://www.latimes.com/health/boostershots/la-heb-premature-drug-03092011,0,4847507.story

  2. The obvious counter argument would have been to turn the tables on the Randtard. If he favours choice so much, does he also favour the woman’s choice?

  3. Did he just equate a woman’s right to choose with home efficiency regulations? He is a total moron. He makes no sense. How is this man a doctor? It benefits us all if government requires higher efficiency standards for things like light bulbs and toilets. If he doesn’t like it, as surely some will always complain no matter what, then TOUGH! And as far as I know no one is threatening him with fines if he uses incandescent bulbs and an old wasteful (pun intended) toilet! Jesus, is this what we have now as our government leaders? You could see in Hogan’s eyes that she didn’t know really how to respond or deal with his asinine stance and his insistence on interrupting her with more of his ludicrous rantings. He is out of touch with reality. Frightening.

  4. The whole abortion question is simple: if you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one. Can’t have an abortion because you’re a man? Shut up.

  5. oh my god! Rand Paul is acting like a douchebag now that he’s in office? … oh wait. I meant to say: Of course Rand Paul is acting like a douchebag now that he’s in office. Everyone knew this.

  6. He might as well have said:

    “Women can’t have abortions because whose kids will go die in Iraq so that I can have my gas-guzzling SUV and flush 5L of water down the toilet every time I take a leak because I’m too stupid to realize that global warming is a scientific fact? It’s called choice, duh!”


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