Cory Doctorow on HarperCollins’ Library E-Book Policy

Cory Doctorow’s entire article in The Guardian is a must read but here’s the key paragraph:

Whether a HarperCollins book has the circulatory vigour to cope with 26 checkouts or 200, it’s bizarre to argue that this finite durability is a feature that we should carefully import into new media. It would be like assuming the contractual obligation to attack the microfilm with nail-scissors every time someone looked up an old article, to simulate the damage that might have been done by our careless patrons to the newsprint that had once borne it.

Bad Idea of the Night


Nikko Burton, a 10-year-old student at Chapelfield Elementary in Ohio, says he was humiliated by his teacher when she tried to demonstrate what it was like to be a slave on an auction block. Burton, one of two black students in his class, was chosen to be a slave. Students who were the “masters” inspected the “slaves” to see if they would be able workers.

“The masters got to touch people and do all sorts of stuff,” Nikko said. “They got to look in your mouth and feel your legs and stuff and see if you’re strong and stuff.”

The principal called to apologize to Burton and his mother, but Nikko is still waiting on an apology from his teacher.

The Invasion of Sark

If only it had been a surprise invasion:

In August 1990, an unemployed French nuclear physicist named AndrĂ© Gardes attempted a singlehanded invasion of Sark, armed with a semi-automatic weapon. The night Gardes arrived he put up signs declaring his intention to take over the island the following day at noon. He was arrested while sitting on a bench, changing the gun’s magazine and waiting for noon to arrive, by the island’s volunteer Constable

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Morning Sugar Rush

I know. I know that having a slow loris as an exotic pet is illegal and harmful to the species and that his teeth have probably been removed to prevent him from delivering a toxic bite to anybody and that he’ll probably live a miserable shortened life in captivity. BUT LOOK AT 20 SECONDS IN!

Pres. Bush Creates Indefinite Detention System for Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay

Oops. I mean Obama. Well, same difference:

President Obama signed an executive order Monday that will create a formal system of indefinite detention for those held at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, who continue to pose a significant threat to national security. The administration also said it will start new military commission trials for detainees there.

The announcements, coming more than two years after Obama vowed in another executive order to close the detention center, all but cements Guantanamo Bay’s continuing role in U.S. counterterrorism policy.