Question of the Day

What’s your computer’s wallpaper look like?

Updated 6:45pm(Thanks to everybody who sent one in. I’m headed out so I won’t be posting any new ones but if you want to leave a link to your screenshot in the comments, feel free.)

Here’s mine at the moment.
(click to embiggen) It changes every 10 minutes to a new photo from my album.

Update: And here they come. Click them to biggify. I’ll update this as they come in.

From Martyn:

From Charley:

From Inti: “Lots of shit, I know…”:

From Danno: “Here’s my wallpaper. It’s Charger defensive end Luis Castillo handing former Raider quarterback Aaron Brooks his shoe back after trying harm him. I’m a huge golf fan.”

From Ryan: “I thought this was a fun idea, and I love my wallpaper image. It’s perfect for a gray March day. I thought I’d share it.”

From Kebernet:

From Abbi: “Having Tina Fey on my desktop is the closest I will come to having an Oprah Vision Board. ”

From Paula:

From RJ:

From Paul: “It’s wallpaper. How appropriate.
It’s a pic of a room in an attic from a place I use to live. Apparently this was the servant quarters a long time ago. They got tired of trying to remove the wall paper and quit.”

From Geoff: “From National Geographic Picture of the Day”

From Josh: “Here’s a shot of my desktop’s wallpaper. I think it’s awesome. I got it from; they have some really fantastic artwork there if you’re interested in some cool desktop wallpapers.”

From Terry: “I’m pretty disorganized at work, so this work computer desktop setup was one way to battle that.”

From Kelly: “This is the view overlooking Muir Beach, taken Dec. 26, 2010.”

From Drea: “This wallpaper has been a little touch of creepy/awesome sunshine for several months now.”

From Eoghan: “I was going to clean up the desktop before I took the screenshot, but I decided instead to let everyone see my mess.”

From April: “Oh, so I’m supposed to mail it? Gotcha.”

From Enrique: “Grayscaled, slightly blurred selections from my travels (it helps icons and windows stand out), they change every 5 minutes.”

From Sean: “Here is my screenshot from my office computer.”

From Josh: “Remote intersection in Scotland.”

From Harb: “Mine also changes continually”

From Andrew:

From Niclas: “wallpaper is really my first ever doodle’s with a wacom tablet. ”

From MacCrocodile: “This has been my desktop wallpaper off and on for years. Carol Channing in Thoroughly Modern Millie.”

From Reverend Bob: “Crap! Did I screw that up?”

From Sebastien: “Shamelessy harvested from this Dresden Codak cartoon:”

From Charlie: “I have a two monitor setup, the left one is vertical so the capture looks weird. I had to paste them together in Photoshop and screwed it up. But you’ll get the idea.”

From Jason: “She is a cutie eh?”

From Mike K:

From Nicholas: “Abandoned funfair, the city of Pripyat, near Chernobyl”

From Miek: “I kid you not – my desktop is completely blank, dark, dark green and NO icons. Everything I need is accessible with the start menu. this is a computer, not some vain attempt to convey my profound awesomeness. :

From Brian: “Here’s mine. Willie playing Trigger.”

From Gene: “Great idea! Here’s mine – It’s a dual monitor setup. The left side is my daughter and I at a race a few years ago. (I perv-blocked my daughter’s face – she’s not actually a blockhead). That side hasn’t changed in years. The right side changes every morning. I built a perl script that grabs a random image from a folder of cool pics I’ve collected and resizes it to fit the monitor. It puts the name of the file in yellow letters at the top of the image (it’s a little hard to see here).”

From Community-Emma:

From Nick: “I prefer a bare desktop, but sometime a few icons are necessary.”

From Rebekah: “I like to look at something pretty in between reading about politics…a palate cleanser for the eyeballs.”

From Dee:

From Robert: “I’ve had this for a couple of days, and I expect it will keep me amused for another couple of days.”

From Athena: “My work computer”

From Christopher: “I have mine rotating every hour, but this is what it is at the moment.”

From Minnesotastan: “An American Lady butterfly I raised last summer.”

From Gruggach:

From Christine: “Here’s mine! Dual monitors. The flowers are from our backyard last summer!”

From Mark: “A Google Street View of my house taken maybe the second week of November ’09?”

From Radmila: