Pope exonerates Jews for Jesus’ death in new book

From Yahoo! News:

VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI has made a sweeping exoneration of the Jewish people for the death of Jesus Christ, tackling one of the most controversial issues in Christianity in a new book.

In “Jesus of Nazareth-Part II” excerpts released Wednesday, Benedict explains biblically and theologically why there is no basis in Scripture for the argument that the Jewish people as a whole were responsible for Jesus’ death.

Interpretations to the contrary have been used for centuries to justify the persecution of Jews.


  1. Well, what a relief *that’s* finally cleared up. Now the Pope can clear his desk and actually get to some useful work: namely, cleaning the pedo-“priests” out of the Roman Catholic church and getting their child-raping asses into jail where they belong.

  2. Since the RC has documented problems with pedophiles since 300 AD it may only be another 300 years before they finally come clean on the problem.

    Meanwhile, I’m sure all the Jews tortured and killed because of this ignorant stupidity all feel a whole lot better knowing the church didn’t mean it.

  3. Did the Catholics ever exonerate the Roman Imperial regime which was functionally in charge and carried out the execution? Or for that matter, God as well since He knowingly and purposefully sent his son to be executed?

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