Fox Reporter Lies About Being Punched Amidst Chants of ‘Fox News Lies’

Fox News Lies:

Fox News has been making a lot of hay about one of their reporters allegedly being “punched” by a protester in Madison, Wisconsin.

Turns out, that didn’t happen.

Mike Tobin, reporting from amid the massive demonstration on Friday, claimed that one of the protesters “punched” him in the arm. In another broadcast, he claimed a man threatened to break his neck.

In both cases, supporting evidence for these claims was not broadcast — yet still, Tobin’s reports have been widely cited across conservative blogs that seem eager to depict union workers as hateful and violent.

Supreme Court OKs Westboro’s Picketing of Funerals

From USA Today:

The decision upheld an appeals court ruling that threw out a $5 million judgment to the father of a dead Marine who sued church members of the Topeka, Kan. church after they picketed his son’s funeral.

Justice Samuel Alito was the lone dissenter.

“What Westboro said, in the whole context of how and where it chose to say it, is entitled to ‘special protection’ under the First Amendment,” Roberts wrote, “and that protection cannot be overcome by a jury finding that the picketing was outrageous.”

The case involved the funeral for Matthew Snyder who died in Iraq in 2006.