1. “They dont want to hear any type of viewpoint that is different from their own…”

    Hey Fox… you should start with your own reporters first. Have you taken a look at when pappa bear Bill O’Reilly interviewed the president before the superbowl?

    The fact is that Fox isnt repected. It isnt respected because of the ridiculous shows that they broadcast. They have made such a mockery out of delivering the news that they themselves launched the careers of John Stewart and Colbert which MOCK the way they deliver the news…

  2. Why do these FOX idiots think hecklers have anything to do with first amendment rights? Is their grasp of the law so poor that they don’t know this? If the government shuts them off then it’s a first amendment issue.

    1. There is a finite amount of speech in the universe. By saying “Fox News lies” the people are exercising their right to free speech, and thereby depriving Fox News of their fair share. If they truly believed in free speech they would just shut up and let Fox News speak instead of selfishly using up all the speech themselves.

  3. Like my 4th grade teacher always said, “If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.”

    Funny how all these big tough macho righties turn into sobbing whiny bitches when you give it back to ’em. Call the waaaaaaaambulance.

  4. It’s true that FOX is a lying hate factory, but these protesters are just making themselves (and the left) look bad. Correct or not, by being loud and obnoxious they just give more reason for the independents to lean right, in the same way that the Tea Party’s ass-hattery makes the centrists lean left. They should show that they’re better than that.

  5. A sign reading “Fox Lies” or the like behind the guy would be funny. Everything past that is just dickish. Even assholes should be given some space to do their jobs. The douches yelling in his ear and obstructing the shot aren’t helping their cause.

    That said, whining that “these people are full of hate…” isn’t real reporting.

    Nice product placement for North Face though

  6. last monday, the fox tent had 20 or so people chanting “fox lies,” and that seemed to be the extent of things. obviously, it ramped up when the cameras turned on, but i didn’t see anything malicious. the biggest, loudest crowd was by the msnbc tent. there was a real effort to be restrained and civil. there were signs all over the capitol telling the protesters (posted/carried by other protesters) urging peace and reason. The 30 seconds that Fox has edited together in that piece is the most aggressive thing I saw.
    (of course, it’s hard to be aggressive when the police “guarding” the capitol finish their shifts and protest themselves)

  7. Cue the double standards! LOL!

    “Tea Partiers” get aggressive and you’d think the world was about to end; Liberals do the same thing and everyone comments about how the victim deserved it.

    1. 1. the “aggressive” behavior by these “liberals” (and i use the quotes to signify that these are your words, and not true of the situation) is exactly what you saw. they were chanting, and covering up a camera/shot. it’s no surprise that they cut away from the shot as soon as the reporter started talking about being hit. it’s totally ridiculous to call any of that behavior actually aggressive. if any one of those people actually had been a problem, one of the MANY police officers that were standing around that tent would have taken action, and you can bet your behind that would have been the Fox headline story: Crazed and Dangerous Liberal Protester Taken Down by Cops After Assault on Fox News.
      2. I don’t think I have ever seen aggressive behavior from tea party people, but I have seen/heard some rhetoric that would be terrifying if those people had the energy to get out of their medicare-funded scooters. Stating the fundamental fact that Fox lies is completely different from the deliberate spread of sexism, classism, and racism that the tea party embraces.

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