1. Remember: you don’t deserve ANYTHING.

    Not the fruits of your labor.
    Not respect.
    Not justice, not freedom, not your rights.

    If you think you deserve any of these things, you have a greed problem. You don’t deserve ANYTHING.

    Know your place.
    Hope I privilege you something.
    Thank me for it.

  2. my first issue is: wtf is this retarded asshole from (ohio?) doing in my state?
    second issue: when he says we have to WORK for everything, doesn’t that fucking count all the WORKERS? why doesn’t my work count? I WORK for the university to pay for my education, but my WORK is paid in benefits- tuition reimbursement. not only is this benefit at risk, but my tuition is likely to more than double because of the UW system segregation in the bill. it’s not that these people are sitting around collecting checks. we are WORKING to EARN our keep, and no one is getting rich doing it.
    third issue: if only veterans deserve anything from the government based on their sacrifice to protect this country, wtf does this asshole think our policemen and firefighters are doing? do they not deserve shit? and if sacrifice is the measure of whether or not someone deserves anything, let’s talk about the pay sacrifice people make in order to work for the government in order to get those benefits. when i graduate, there is NO WAY IN HELL i would ever work as a teacher, because i expect to immediately earn (straight out of school) more than the average tenured teacher’s salary, and get a decent benefits package. these people knowingly go for jobs with lower pay in order to both serve their community, and serve their family with benefits.
    fourth issue: i know this guy was never a licensed plumber, or whatever, but wouldn’t he, as a plumber, have belonged to a union to received union benefits? are unions that serve workers of corporations magically okay? does he understand that the limited working hours provided to him by his union allowed him to go to that town hall meeting (which launched all this insanity) in the first place?

    p.s. fuck you, scott walker and whichever machine designed, built and shipped Joe the Plumber ™ to Wisconsin.

  3. key points to hit in a speech pandering to the reactionist tea party: going to church, taking your son hunting, work hard, personal responsibility, we like republicans, we like the tea party, we don’t like obama, we hate communists, we hate socialists, we love glen beck, veterans, honor, god bless my speechwriter, guns, my silverado, sarah palin, america is great, now give me my $2,000.

    seriously, how much do you think he got paid for that?

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